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Effective Offline Marketing Strategies for 2020

Effective Offline Marketing Strategies for 2020 – Are you looking to diversify your marketing efforts and move offline and in doing so ground your company?

Home business lifestyle and blogging coach, Mark Ford, shares an article about effective offline marketing strategies for 2020 which will provide you with a few marketing techniques to help ground your company in the real world.

effective offline marketing strategies

Effective Offline Marketing Strategies

Mark Ford

Mark Ford

Living in the digital age has meant that a whole new host of tools have opened up for marketers, many of them cheap and effective.

In a previous post on ‘Digital Marketing Strategies For Online Success – 6 Basic Digital Marketing Methods To Advertise Your Business Online’, we discussed some of these online marketing methods.

Companies and marketers are now very familiar with tools such as blogs, paid online advertising, and social media engagement. However, just because digital is effective doesn’t mean that it’s the only way, and the best marketing strategies will often be a mix of online and offline work.

If you’re looking to diversify your marketing and take some of the work offline, then here are a few marketing techniques that can help ground your company in the real world.

Effective Offline Marketing Strategies for 2020 – Networking

effective offline marketing strategies with networking

Networking as a marketing strategy is often taken as a matter of course, but it’s important to realize just how effective it can be. Digital strategist and growth hacking specialist Sarath CP has written about the many benefits of networking, which include deeper personal relationships with potential business partners and higher quality leads and referrals. While networking can be labor intensive and doesn’t cast as wide a net as other methods, it also has the potential to create lasting ties and open opportunities that other marketing techniques might not be able to.

Effective Offline Marketing Strategies for 2020 – Direct Mail

People might dismiss direct mail marketing as a relic of times past, but you’ll be surprised to learn just how effective it is. Direct mail marketing has some of the highest ROI around, and can help revitalize businesses that aren’t sure how to connect with their customer bases.

Triadex Services post on marketing strategies discusses how email marketing combined with direct mail increased sales for a company that sold fireworks. Direct mail increases engagement among customers, while email blasts and social media can expand a company’s reach. Your direct mail marketing materials also have the potential to stick in your customers’ minds, allowing for better name and brand recall in the long run.

Effective Offline Marketing Strategies for 2020 – Warm Calling

Marketers have long known about the benefits and downsides to cold calling. While it can help companies build a personal relationship with new customers, it can also be seen as invasive, and doesn’t always offer a great ROI. However, that doesn’t mean that businesses should turn down calling as a technique altogether.

Warm calling, described by The Balance Careers as calling prospects with whom you’ve had prior contact, is an effective alternative. You can build initial contact through email lists or networking at industry events, and then solidify your connection through a warm call. This can bring in better results than a regular cold call, and also shows your customers that you’re engaged and proactive.

Effective Offline Marketing Strategies for 2020 – Guerilla Marketing

Companies, especially smaller businesses, often balk at offline marketing techniques because they think they take up too many resources. While that can be true for traditional marketing strategies, there are other ways to reach out to new customers without having to break the bank.

Guerilla marketing is so named because it employs surprise or unconventional techniques in order to capture the imagination and attention of potential customers.

These stealth-marketing techniques don’t always have to be expensive, and are often executed on shoestring budgets. PostFunnel has compiled a list of effective guerilla marketing campaigns around the world, including campaigns by movies, apps like Snapchat and Pinterest, and even coffee brands like Folgers.

I hope that this information proves to be of value to you in looking for effective offline marketing strategies for 2020.

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